A big focus of UPPSTART every year is networking, and with thousands of amazing people attending this year, you would be crazy not to take advantage of this!

To access the event, click the “Matchmaking” button on the left of the event screen, and you will get connected to a random person 1:1 to chat for 3 minutes (the facility is open all day but will be slightly longer at 10 minutes)

For those startups and investors who got a special invite, you will automatically be paired up with each other, for everyone else you will be paired up with the rest of the attendees for the event.

During the session, you can swap details, and if you want to hop into a more extended call, you can message that person in the chat and request a 1:1 video session (which are not time).


UPPSTART is going virtual on 4th September 2020 for thousands of tech startup people! Get your free tickets before they run out.