Meet Johnny Boufarhat, founder of the Hopin, the online conference platform that is powering UPPSTART ONLINE 2020 this year.

Hopin had an edge with the recent surge of people searching for viable online event platforms due to COVID-19, working on their algorithms and video compression for years.

After growing massively from strength to strength – Hopin has rapidly become one of the worlds leading online events solutions. Hopin has run events for major brands like Adobe, Product Hunt, Dell, The Wall Street Journal, Unilever, Slack, and CNBC. They have also raised tens of millions of dollars from world-leading VC’s in the tech industry – including the prolific Accel, Seedcamp, Salesforce Ventures, Northzone, IVP, and Slack Fund.

Johnny’s keynote session will take place at UPPSTART’s Founders Stage. He will tell the story of his early roots as a self-taught programmer, through to his several early-day startups and, more recently, Hopin’s massive global success.



UPPSTART is going virtual on 4th September 2020 for thousands of tech startup people! Get your free tickets before they run out.