What happens when you mix tech startups with karaoke?

Karaoke Pitching that’s what! 🙂

UPPSTART was (perhaps!) the first event in the world to come up with such a format where tech startup founders pitch their businesses to investors and journalists through the medium of Karaoke song!

The event takes places as part of our after events programme (makes sense right, who want’s to do Karaoke first thing in the morning!?) and after selected startups are chosen to sing, we plan to open up the event for others to take part too.

Our awesome partners from Finland, Singa, will be helping us with the tech side and they’ll be awarding the winning startup founder a bottle of vintage Dom Perignon champagne! 🍾

Heres what kind of thing to expect from a previous year.

The event is for fun, (goodness knows after this global lockdown everyone needs a bit of that!) but on a more serious note, you’ll be surprised where the free PR can lead to (the founder in the video above met a co-founder after being featured in one of swedens largest tech publications!).

The moral of the story? Put yourself out there, have some fun along the way, and people will notice you 🙂

To apply for this competition if you havn’t already been contacted then register a ticket for free, then contact us and we’ll take a look to see if you have what it takes!


UPPSTART is going virtual on 4th September 2020 for thousands of tech startup people! Get your free tickets before they run out.