Virtual reality opens a whole new world of possibilities for scalable behavioral training. With complete control over scenarios, you can put anyone inside an automated world to train crucial business skills.

How can you develop immersive learning strategies to transform your organization?

Christophe Mallet is the co-founder and CEO of BODYSWAPS, a virtual reality platform to help professionals train and practice their soft skills.

In his talk, he will share the macro-challenge and automation, featuring the Great Soft Skills Challenge and the evolution of the learning technology landscape. He will also cover the research around immersive learning and behavioural change in the context of the new World of Work.

Furthermore, the talk will also explore the design of immersive learning. What are the dos and don’ts of creating embodied VR learning experiences?

With case studies of immersive learning being used for employee training, this is a talk you don’t want to miss.



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