Beer Tasting Extraordinaire with Prototyp

Invite only

At this invite-only event, Prototyp is inviting friends and prospective partners and clients from tech companies in the Uppsala region (where Prototyp is opening an office this fall). If you’re interested in joining, feel free to contact us and we’ll put you in touch.

If granted a spot, ahead of the event you will be sent a gift card in the post along with a shopping list to acquire 12 (!!) beers at the Swedish alcohol store (Systembolaget) from both distinguished and up-and-coming Swedish microbreweries.

Your prominent guide through this beer tasting experience is a friend of Prototyp’s, Ida Ström – a multi-talented sommelier from Skåne, Sweden. Previously restaurant manager and sommelier at multiple high-end restaurants in Stockholm, she is today Head of Beverages at Fotografiska – the hip Museum of Photography with a strong sustainability focus in food and beverage.

Ida is also involved with Stellagalan, an organization that honors and highlights female professionals in Swedish gastronomy. She knows everything about pretty much all beverages, from kombucha to champagne, but this evening she joins to teach us more about the secrets of beer.

After the tasting, Prototyp will run an informal mingle which will be a great opportunity to speak to the team and also to network with some amazing hand-picked people in the tech industry.

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