Bringing Healthcare Construction Into The Future

Is there anything more powerful than an idea whose time has come? Technology platforms encompassing a much more extensive set of features and benefits will soon become the global norm for construction projects.

David Harper is the Co-founder & CEO of ATLAS, one of the first movers for end-to-end technology platforms for healthcare – leveraging the IoT and providing a Complete Digital Twin for healthcare facilities.

In his keynote taking place on UPPSTART’s Health Stage, David will share how ATLAS is poised to play a crucial role in transforming an entire industry. By providing a fundamental change in the delivery model for healthcare facilities – real change is achieved.

He will also answer where inefficiencies lie in healthcare construction today and how to solve them with tech, with hands-on examples from the ATLAS solution, and its ICAS® Platform. Furthermore, he will share what the future holds – and what we can expect in the field next decade.

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