Emotion AI. How Boundaries Between Man & Machine will Disappear

Will machines take over the world?

The inventions in emotion AI, which is the AI-supported, automated detection of human emotions, triggered profound changes in recognizing human emotions through facial recognition, vital biometric data, and speech analysis. When things get emotionally intelligent – human and, machine interaction also changes. This new truth opens a colossal field of innovation for almost all industries.

Michael Bartl is an avid speaker and expert in the innovation field. He’s the Managing Director of the Emotion AI Startup TAWNY and CEO for HYVE – an innovation company coming up with and developing products and services for 70% of German index companies.

In his keynote at UPPSTART, he will share his insight into what Emotion AI is, how it works, and how to apply it. He will also touch on what the future holds – while shining a light on the ethical questions.

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