Using Virtual Reality to Disrupt Rehab & Therapy

From living a very active lifestyle, Dr Isabel Van De Keere’s life took a turn for the worse ten years ago. After a lamp construction landed on her head in a work accident, she was left immobilized, without balance, and started a lengthy rehabilitation process. The journey to recovery left her feeling frustrated and demotivated. Not only are current rehabilitation methods boring, but they also aren’t engaging. And even though you get many tools at the beginning of the process, they reduce with time – in times where you still desperately need it.

Isabel, an engineer, was determined to find a solution. She’s the founder and CEO of Immersive Rehab, a digital health startup that offers personalized neurorehabilitation programs within high-end virtual reality. Like a video game, the immersive VR setting gets patient moving, with better compliance, daily repetitions, quicker access, and reduced waiting times.

In this keynote session, taking place at UPPSTART’s Digital Health Stage, Isabel will talk about how Immersive Rehab uses therapeutic VR to help stroke and spinal cord injury patients with neurorehabilitation.

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