Why We Procrastinate, and What To Do About It

Are you fighting the urge to abandon your work to check LinkedIn or Facebook?

It’s easy to do other things than what you should do. But luckily, there are efficient techniques to fight procrastination – and Alena Rogozhkina, founder and Managing Director of the award-winning tech startup, Sonas-Behavioural Science, will show us how.

With experience managing teams worldwide, she realized that people everywhere want to be happy and find meaning in their lives. This realization spurred her to found her startup that uses cutting-edge emotion analytics to craft wellbeing strategies for companies – improving productivity and creating better lives.

In her keynote session, she will cover the science behind procrastination, giving practical tips on how startup founders can stop putting things off and stay productive. If you’re guilty of procrastinating – this will be an immensely valuable talk you don’t want to miss.

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