Why You Should Own your Airplay Data

Like the story of Sugar Man, the American musician who was a South African superstar without knowing it – the music of artists is being played worldwide without them ever finding out.

Jesper Skibsby was surprised to discover that Polish radio stations played his band’s music. With no ability to track this, he saw a massive gap in the music industry market. Artists have no idea where their music is played, making them possibly lose out on royalty and the opportunity to connect with loyal fans.

This discovery led him to found and become the CEO of WARM, a music monitoring service that lets you track where your music plays on radio stations across the world.

In Jesper’s keynote session, he will show you as an artist why it’s crucial to own your Airplay data, and how musicians can achieve this with tech to track digital signatures.

In this talk Jesper will cover

– How you can get more airplay on radios across the world as a musician
– What tech is involved in doing this, how it’s trackable using digital signatures
– Why musicians will find this valuable, for example to discover fans, improve marketing campaigns, and accelerate royalty collection.

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