Alena Rogozhkina

Founder @ Sonas-Behavioural Science

Alena Rogozhkina is the founder and Managing Director of Sonas-Behavioural Science, an award-winning tech startup that builds wellbeing strategies for the workplace powered by cutting-edge emotion analytics.

Her vast and diverse professional experience has taken her to Russia, UK, and India, where she managed international teams and projects for over ten years. By living in entirely different parts of the world, she realized that despite enormous differences, people worldwide want to be healthy, happy, and find meaning in their lives.

She has an MSc in Behavioral Science for Management from the University of Stirling. Her thesis thoroughly explored the question, “Do people even want to be happy, and why don’t people spend more time on their true passions?” and was the starting signal and inspiration to launch her project.

Alena has won countless awards, including:
• Mentor of the Year-2020 – University of Stirling, STAR Awards
• Entrepreneurial Spirit for Scotland-2019 – Great British Entrepreneurial Awards
• Semifinalist of the AccelerateHER Award-2020, Investing Women
• TOP-3 solutions to monitor employee wellbeing beyond surveys – Civtech Challenge-2018, The Scottish Government
• Semifinalist of Converge Challenge-2019
• The current cohort of EIE20, WayraUK AI and Blockchain Accelerator, and Santander Universities of Emerging Entrepreneurs Programme

Sessions with Alena Rogozhkina

4th Sep 2020

13:20 - 13:35 (CET)

15 mins


Why We Procrastinate, and What To Do About It

An emotion analytics expert shares the science behind procrastination and shows how startups can fight this to stay productive.


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