Anders Norén

Co-Founder @ Game Intelligence

Anders Norén is the co-founder and CEO of Game Intelligence AB, a neuroscientist and neuropsychologist created and operated startup offering a new cognitive testing way to develop talent and predict performance.

Based on the most scientifically and evidence-based psychological assessment tools, they help clients better understand people, behavior, and performance by finding and exposing cognitive abilities and their capacity. And with this knowledge – translating it into meaningful and actionable insights for better recruitment precision and development of individuals, leaders, teams, and organizations.

With a Master’s of Business Administration, Anders has founded and co-founded many companies and is also cofounder of Ecofiltration AB, whose mission is to save and restore our polluted seas and waters, while recycling nutrients.

Anders will take the stage at UPPSTART’s Mind Track and share how neuroscience can improve recruiting and team building in startups. Furthermore, he will share the findings of a unique study, cited in Forbes, shining a light on super entrepreneurs’ cognitive profile.

Sessions with Anders Norén

4th Sep 2020

12:50 - 13:05 (CET)

15 mins


Using Neuroscience to Improve Recruiting and Team-Building in Startups

Learn how to use neuroscience and evidence-based psychological assessment tools to better understand, attract and retain and boost peoples performance in your startup.


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