Christina Melkonian

Operations Manager @ Startup Sesame

29-year-old French/Canadian Christina Melkonian is the Operations Manager at Startup Sesame, an event acceleration program for startups with a vast network of tech events.

She’s a former trader in the investment banking industry and has spent time with Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, and Covéa Finance, to name a few.

Last year, she published her first novel, an esoteric thriller. As it’s a trilogy, the next volumes will be published in the future.

Her hobbies include travel, writing, playing poker, and anything related to tarology.

Sessions with Christina Melkonian

4th Sep 2020

13:00 - 13:15

15 mins


How To Build a Startup Network in a Post Covid-19 Era

Learn how why and how to build a robust network virtually or socially distant in these new times

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