Frida Rångtell

Sleep Educator @ Slumra of Sweden

Frida Rångtell has a PhD in sleep and memory from Uppsala University, Sweden. Her research includes studies in how sleep loss affects us, the impact of screen light on sleep, and the role of sleep for learning. Today, Frida runs Slumra of Sweden – with the mission to increase knowledge about sleep and to improve sleep health in our society.

All of us have a relationship with sleep – for some it’s a love story, for others more of a constant fight. For most of us, it’s a mix of both. Sleep problems are very common and can have a major impact on our waking life, how we feel and perform.

Through Slumra of Sweden, Frida runs courses, lectures and workshops, educating others on how to get closer their relationship with sleep to become a love story.

Frida will be talking at UPPSTART ONLINE 2020 about how sleep benefits how we feel and interact with others, increases our mental and physical health, and helps us to get closer to optimal performance, certainly important stuff when runnning a tech startup.

Sessions with Frida Rångtell

4th Sep 2020

10:50 - 11:05 (CET)

15 mins


Why Sleep is a Critical Success Factor for Startups

Frida Rångtell, sleep expert and PhD, will talk about why sleep is an important asset to any tech startup founder in today's high speed world.


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