Henrik Stamm Kristensen

Founder @ Blendhub

Henrik Stamm Kristensen is the founder of Blendhub and ChemoMetric Brain, who has merged the corporate and entrepreneurial from different companies and tech to create the world’s first multi-localized network of food production hubs.

His solution and first portable production hub was developed and patented in 2010 and got deployed a year later in India. Since then, he has worked on perfecting a replication model by adding more hubs to the network and offering a “food-as-a-service.” He now focuses on introducing license and franchise options to extend the model further.

He’s an avid investor in digitalization, data collection, business intelligence, analytics, and community creation. He now separates software assets with Chemometric Brain, introducing augmented food quality based on traceability, security, and prediction of global supply chains, making sustainable food and nutrition widely available.

Sessions with Henrik Stamm Kristensen

4th Sep 2020

11:40 - 11:55 (CET)

15 mins


Using The Cloud to Fix Food Production

A talk on how cloud computing can help solve current problems in the global food supply chain.


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