Josefin Svensson

Founder @ ADHD-Podden

Josefin Svensson, currently at the IVF healthtech startup Bonzun, has been an entrepreneur since 19.

In high school, she got nominated as one of 100 promising entrepreneurs in the most significant event for young, rising stars. In 2019, she got appointed to the Global Woman Inspirational Award.

With a Bachelor in Business Management from Stockholm University, including exchange at the National University of Singapore, she has a background in tech for good, the precious metals industry, recruitment, and employer branding.

Josefin is passionate about fighting ill mental health in businesses.

From wanting to find out of ADHD really is a superpower after getting a diagnosis herself, Josefin wanted to find practical and real information from people who had it, but struggled with find anything except media hype highlighting the extremes. In true ADHD style Josefin decided to build her own content instead, and subsequently founded the the first and largest ADHD postcast in Sweden “ADHD-Podden,”. With over 300,000 streams. The podcast features real stories and interviews from people and entrepreneurs with ADHD, which the conventional media don’t share.

She also founded and organized the world’s first Pokémon Go Event, featuring over 5000 participants in Stockholm in just seven days.

Sessions with Josefin Svensson

4th Sep 2020

14:20 - 14:40

20 mins


ADHD. Is it Really a Superpower for Entrepreneurs?

A fireside session featuring entrepreneurs with ADHD to learn if the mental disorder is a curse or a blessing.

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