Kristoffer Greve Nielsen

Head of Communications & PR @ JABII Group

Kristoffer Greve Nielsen is the Head of Communications and PR at JABII, an adrenaline-filled fighting game using flexible sensor airbags to strike. He has worked and studied globally, in Denmark, Austria, Italy, The United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and the USA.

He has helped raise over €1 million for JABII in the last two years and won a grant of €34,000 at DGI Impact in 2018, as part of JABII.

Kristoffer loves a challenge and uses his creative passion for innovation and discover new ways of thinking. He uses this passion for consulting startups, educational institutions, and local businesses in Denmark and abroad.

From working with a diving center in the Maldives to a cooking class in Mexico – he has done it all.

Sessions with Kristoffer Greve Nielsen

4th Sep 2020

14:35 - 14:50 (CET)

15 mins


A Hybrid Mix of Sports and Esports

Hybrid games, that combine esports with actual sports are on the rise, Kristoffer Greve Nielsen of JABII tells us why.

An insightful talk about an area of gaming that combines movement and sports with gaming.


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