Kyle Hermans

Co-Founder @ Be Courageous

Kyle Hermans based in Silicon Valley is a prolific speaker, founder, and CEO of Be Courageous, a consulting agency with a mission to unlock and activate courageous breakthroughs in organizations. In over 2500+ keynote sessions, Kyle has helped 500+ brands, including Facebook, Barclays, Google, Slack, Atlassian, Trello, TEDx, Salesforce, and Instagram in over 20+ countries to unleash their true potential.

He is the co-founder of Digitized.Live, a YouTube channel series exploring the tools, methodologies, and mindsets to empower viewers with technology.

Kyle is also an adjunct faculty member of Singularity University and a member of the Forbes Business Council for San Francisco. He holds a BA in Marketing and Design, a certified Master Practitioner of NLP and TRIZ. He also has a master’s certification in innovation facilitation and training.

In his free time, Kyle records and performs music and competes in Ironman.

Sessions with Kyle Hermans

4th Sep 2020

16:00 - 16:15 (CET)

15 mins


Mastering Your Mindset – Your Startup’s Biggest Asset

Kyle Hermans holds a session sharing why utilising your mind to its fullest can be a extremely valuable to a startup.


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