Lucy Dahlgren

Founding Partner @ This Less-is-more Community

Lucy Dahlgren is a founding partner of This Less-is-more Community Nordic AB, and current Board of Directors with Bayn Europe, a company helping food and beverage companies reduce sugar by replacing it with healthier products.

After doing her MBA at Hanley Management College in England, she worked as a construction business project manager. She then got responsible for establishing Chinese stevia refineries, which triggered her interest in using steviol glycosides to aid sugar reduction.

From this new passion, she founded Bayn Europe in 2009 – and earned herself the Ambassador For Women’s Entrepreneurship by the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation. She was the company’s CEO until 2017 when she instead became a board director and founded her startup that makes sugar reduction more accessible to food producers and consumers.

Sessions with Lucy Dahlgren

4th Sep 2020

12:40 - 12:55 (CET)

15 mins


When Food Innovation Goes Into The Cloud

A session sharing how cloud technology in the food industry can reduce our sugar consumption, and what the opportunities are for startups.


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