Maryam Ghahremani

CEO @ Bambuser

Maryam Ghahremani is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of Bambuser, a pioneer in the mobile live streaming arena and currently one of Sweden’s top-performing shares. With tremendous experience in the media and startup industry, she also has a proven track record in entrepreneurship, sales, and marketing.

Her rich background includes several board positions at high-profile companies such as TRIWA, Acast, Schibsted Media Group, Aftonbladet, and Notar.

With a struggling past at Bambuser, Maryam took over as the CEO in 2018, introducing the revolutionary flagship technology Live Video Shopping which completely transformed the company. Outside of Asia, the new technology became the first of its kind, helping empower some of the world’s largest brands and eCommerce players.

Bambuser has now raised close to $50 in a year and continues to help millions of people worldwide.

Maryam will deliver an exciting keynote on the revolution of Live Video on the eCommerce stage.

Sessions with Maryam Ghahremani

4th Sep 2020

10:45 - 11:00 (CET)

15 mins


How Live Video is Redefining Commerce As We Know It

Learn how the fusion of Live Video and eCommerce transforms the world’s largest brands.


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