5 Ways to Design Emotion in EdTech

Emotional design focuses on ways that products can elicit emotions based on experience by users. It is concerned with designing products that create a positive experience for the users.

So when we can effectively implement them into EdTech products, it becomes much more enjoyable for the user. Here to explain more about this, is Jan L Plass from NYU!

Most EdTech developers understand the need for a carefully designed user experience. But approaches of how to achieve a successful UI/UX design differ, sometimes in fundamental ways. Jan will describe one specific approach, Emotional Design. Coined in 2004 by design guru Donald Norman, Emotional Design focuses on the emotions experienced by users, and is concerned with ways to design products that elicit emotions that create a positive experience for the user.

Based on research conducted in the CREATE lab at NYU which Jan directs, he will discuss the foundations of emotional design and explore five ways of using emotional design to enhance your app.


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