How Big Pharma Can Benefit from Small Startups

What is there to be won for big pharmaceutical companies by engaging with start-ups a fraction of their size?

Well, quite a lot. Pharmaceutical companies are changing rapidly. If you don’t believe it, then just consider how this industry could look in less than 10 years, when AI, Big Data, robotics, Blockchain, and other tech-powered technologies have been accelerating exponentially.

To guide us through this fireside discussion, we have Marco R Majer, Head of Ecosystems – Scouting & Programs at 5-HT digital hub, which currently stands as one of the fastest-growing health ecosystems in Europe!

Alongside him, we have Kriszti Szabo (also moderating). Kriszti is the International and Innovator startup lead for Egis Pharmaceuticals.

Our guests will discuss the need to embrace tech start-ups and innovation in the pharmaceutical industry, guiding us through the future of AI technologies. Including what decision-makers need to look out for when choosing to engage with smaller startups.


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