How to Get Journalists To Actually Publish Your News!

In this discussion, our panelists will reveal the best tips and tricks to get your news published by top journalists.

They will uncover all the best industry secrets: from how to grab the attention of top journalists, to the best story structure for maximum responses. Perfect for any entrepreneur wanting more eyeballs on their story.

Joining us here will be Katarina Andersson, from Swedish media giant, Breakit. Andersson has been a producer at Breakit for years, hosting and producing their weekly podcast series on digital tech and entrepreneurs.  Also joining will be Mike Butcher, one of the most well known and influential journalists within the technology industry, recognized as such by Wired, The Daily Telegraph, and others. Andersson and Butcher will reveal the best ways to reach out to journalists, how to structure your proposals, and even ‘ninja tricks’ such as how to ‘hijack’ news by using the bigger players as gateways for yourself.


Tech startup in Europe raising capital? Active tech investor? Then you need to get involved in this.