The Secret Sauce for Funded FoodTech Startups

In this fireside discussion, our speakers will provide us with insights into the the food-tech startup ecosystem.

They’ll cover ideas, trends, and insights that startups and entrepreneurs looking to explore the FoodTech industry should be familiar with.

Moderating the panel will be Johan Jörgensen, a foodtech champion in the nordics and founder of Sweden Foodtech whilst is responsible for bringing 350,000 visitors yearly to a food experience centered around food that has a positive impact on the planet.

Joining us in this session will be Erik Byrenius, who invests in high-impact food tech startups through his micro fund, Trellis Road. Erik will be giving tips to entrepreneurs looking to venture into the world of food tech on how to set themselves apart and make a mark in the industry.

Also joining will be Lauri Reuter, one of the founders of Nordic Foodtech VC, the first VC fund in the Nordics focusing explicitly on backing innovation in foodtech.


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