Using Neurofeedback to Boost Your Startup’s Productivity

In this keynote session Moha Bensofia, founder of the the brain measuring startup Mendi will share his expertise on neurofeedback and how startup founders can potentially benefit from it.

Real time Neurofeedback has typically been very expensive process, until Mendi that is. Their medical grade device lets you measure this kind of activity at a fraction of the cost and via their mobile app provides a way for people to train their minds.

The brain is a mysterious mechanism that most still believe cannot be controlled. Moha begs to differ! He wants to show how with the help of Mendi people can gain more control over their brain activity, thoughts, and habits.

Mendi was massively over subscribed in their crowdfunding campaign recently (raising 2.1 Million USD of a 50k goal on Kickstarter alone!).

Join this session and learn about how neurofeedback could be a game-changer for you and how startup founders can use it as a powerful force.


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