Gather is building a social platform that creates virtual spaces to bring people together, just like in UPPSTART.World

We’re proud to have Gather joining us as a partner this year. It will be powering the entire interactive 2D experience found at UPPSTART.World.

Gather helps people to create virtual spaces in a fun and unique 2D experience. This could be, for example, conferences like UPPSTART, office gatherings for your company, meetings, or any other situations.

We decided to partner with Gather this year because a big part of UPPSTART’s goal is to create those serendipitous moments for attendees to meet each other in a fun, relaxed and natural environment. There are few platforms we feel do this to the extent that Gather does. Therefore, we decided this year to host our own Startup Showcases, Workshops, Networking Spaces and Bar within their platform.

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UPPSTART tickets are live! Join thousands of other tech startup people for our virtual conference on 3rd December 2021.