Prime Computer

Prime Computer develops what helps you to change the world.

We’re proud to have Prime Computer joining us this year as a partner to our Impact Track at UPPSTART.

Prime Computer provide fan-less mini PC’s and servers from Switzerland to the rest of the world. They a fast growing company already in 26 countries.

One of the main goals of Prime Computer is to help companies to reach their SDG’s (sustainable development targets). They do this by providing energy efficient products that produce less waste and require less recycling. They are ambassadors of the belief that investing in the planet is something all companies should be doing, not just because it’s extremely important, but also because it can be very profitable to your company.

CEO Sacha Ghiglione, a thought leader within the impact space, is going to be doing two sessions on stage at UPPSTART where you can hear more about the company. He’ll be in our Impact Showcase track and also taking part in a fireside discussion “Increasing Profits by Investing In The Planet”

The Prime Computer team will also be exhibiting in our unique 2D startup showcase at UPPSTART.World this year too, you’ll find them in the UPPSTART.World Startup Showcase. They’ll be available for 1:1 meetings also all day via our meeting scheduling tools in our main platform within Hopin.

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