Stockholm City

Stockholm is regarded by much of the world as the "unicorn factory" and as Swedens capital has by many metrics become one of the best places globally for technology startups to thrive.

You don’t have to Google for long with the terms Stockholm and Startups to realise that Stockholm has something special going on when it comes to breeding extremely high growth tech companies. Spotify, Klarna, King, Skype, Mojang, iZettle, Trustly are a few, and theres a firm list of “soonicorns” also (tech companies about to reach 1 billion dollar valuation status, in case you wondered!)

Stockholm, as with Sweden generally, is also well known for its high standard of living and world class infrastructure which many credit as a partial success formula for creating so many successful tech entrepreneurs. Stockholm has been investing heavily into sustainability and impact based innovation and agenda 2030 goals.

Stockholm has been a partner to UPPSTART for several years and as a result its residents get free access to UPPSTART via our Freebie pass. Stockholm will be hosting a dedicated track at UPPSTART showcasing its startups and discussing its own innovations within the city.

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