Adam B Cochrane

Senior Product Designer @ Zalando

Adam is a senior product designer at Zalando SE.

Australian born, Berlin based. Adam has worked with everyone from Indigenous Australians to corporate Austrians. Adam thrives on working around the world with diverse teams solving complicated problems, and creating delightful solutions.

His previous roles include companies like IXDS, Factory Berlin, Telekom and more, in these roles he has been able to facilitate meaning, purpose and drive vision.

He is now also the co-host of SDD Berlin and loves to talk about the more human side of life.

Adam has a clear passion for people and has always been drawn towards communities in all forms: churches, design communities, youth groups, summer camps etc.

Sessions with Adam B Cochrane

3rd Dec 2021

14:30 - 14:50 (CET)

20 mins


Ritual Design: Crafting Meaningful Experiences

Ritual design is about being intentful in crafting meaningful experiences.

A great ritual is embedded with meaning going beyond, a routine, a checklist, or a habit.


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