Anu Singh

Business Strategy & Transformation Leader @ IBM

Anu is recognized as one of the top blockchain influencers in all of India, and a well-respected expert in monetizing data.

She is a new age business leader, with a specialty in supply chain and in the emergence of technologies like blockchain.

She is passionate about leaving an impact by simplifying complex processes and transforming experiences.

All the awesome work she does builds towards her greater purpose, which is using technology to be shared amongst everyone, serving a greater purpose!

She is also a dog aficionado who talks very fast. She wants to be a part time executive and part time scuba-diver but unfortunately there is no ocean near the city where she lives.

Sessions with Anu Singh

3rd Dec 2021

12:25 - 12:45 (CET)

20 mins


When The Food Supply Chain Goes Blockchain

How can the blockchain turn the global food supply chain on its head? And what opportunities does this provide?


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