Daniel Mueller-Gonzales

Co-Founder @ Hale

Daniel Mueller-Gonzales is a Certified Level 2 Wim Hof Method Instructor, one of the few in the world. He’s had the pleasure of working and training various breathing and ice techniques in person with Wim Hof himself. Daniel looks at the breath as a tool for reaching a deep state of fulfilment. It is amazing that something so obvious and available to all of us can also be so useful.

Daniel found breathwork in 2014. His life hadn’t always been easy and he’s had to overcome a lot of adversity. Daniel didn’t break down in the face of change. Instead, he turned to breathing exercises for some much needed peace and energy. Daniel has since joined forces with Johnny Oduya and co-founded Hale – the first Scandinavian breathwork center.

Now, Daniel Mueller-Gonzales is a Transcendental Human Evolution Coach and a Right of Passage Facilitator. He uses breathing exercises, cold therapy, and meditation to guide people into a deeper state of fulfilment and joy.

Sessions with Daniel Mueller-Gonzales

3rd Dec 2021

10:20 - 10:50 (CET)

30 mins


Live Virtual Breathing Session with Hale

Take part in a live breathing class to kick off your UPPSTART experience with Hale's co-founders.

3rd Dec 2021

10:55 - 17:35 (CET)

400 mins


Drop In Breathwork Coaching at Hale Center

Our resident breathing gurus at Hale will be present all day in a specially designed 2D interactive breathing area, Hale Center, found in UPPSTART.World in the Startup Showcase area.


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