Daryl Woodhouse

The Smarter Work Pro

Daryl Woodhouse is known as The Smarter Work Pro.

His philosophy of working smart has led him to a nationally-renowned business coach, keynote speaker, and corporate adviser.

Although he comes across with a confident, relaxed gravitas, it wasn’t always this way for Daryl.

He’s had his own fair share of 80+ hour workweeks in his career. And when a personal tragedy came into his life, it left him in the abyss of major burnout.

During his journey to a full recovery, he discovered how to achieve more at work whilst living happier with no more overworking.

And as someone who loves helping others, Daryl has decided to make it his mission to help millions of hard-working leaders and teams to optimize success with smart work strategies whilst enjoying a great work/life balance.

His riveting, engaging talks detail how anyone can learn from his mistakes, and use them to boost their own productivity!

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Sessions with Daryl Woodhouse

3rd Dec 2021

11:10 - 20:20 (CET)

550 mins

After Event

3rd Dec 2021

11:30 - 11:50 (CET)

20 mins


Achieve More By Working Less

Learn the productivity hacks and routines of top 1% performers for a more satisfying work/life balance.


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