Fabian Bolin

Co-Founder @ War On Cancer

Fabian Bolin was diagnosed with cancer at just 28 years old in 2015.

After, he began documenting his experience on a blog. His experience of trauma gave a sense of comfort and purpose to others who had shared a similar experience. Just a few months later, an idea was born; enabling those impacted by cancer to connect and share experiences together.

With his best friend, Sebastian, they conceptualized and launched the platform, which has now grown into one of the largest social apps used in 20 countries. Here, those affected by cancer can journal and share their experiences while connecting with others who have endured the same trauma.

Sessions with Fabian Bolin

3rd Dec 2021

12:40 - 13:00 (CET)

20 mins


Impact Startup Showcase: War on Cancer

A short pitch from War on Cancer founder Fabian Bolin, including his inspiring life story, and how the impactful startup came about.


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