Gloria Kraus

CEO @ Hollbium

Gloria’s ambition to make a difference in urban sustainability, and her past experience in farming, hydroponics, and entrepreneurship have led her to be honored as a Top Sustainability Leader in Sweden by Nova111.

Her career began at the European Commission, where she was involved in drawing policies around the subject of sustainability and farming. This was followed by a short stint as an International Project Lead at AlpBioEco, a project designed to help business innovation in Bioeconomy.

Until just this year, she decided to put her own creativity to revolutionize the hydroponics industry when she became the CEO of Hollbium.

They use Scandinavian design to make it fit in any building. They make sustainability tangible and provide a soothing experience to all employees and visitors to your premises.

Sessions with Gloria Kraus

3rd Dec 2021

15:00 - 15:10 (CET)

10 mins


Stockholm Business Alliance Showcase: Hollbium

A short 10-minute showcase pitch from Hollbium who creates hydroponic micro-farms in workplaces!


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