Graham Glass

Founder @ Cypher Learning

Graham Glass’ incredible know-how and expertise in the area of intelligent learning has led him to become a reputable name within the industry.

Graham’s impressive career began not long after graduating from the University of Southampton in 1983. After a short stint lecturing computer software at the University of Dallas, he set his sights on revolutionizing Intelligent learning, starting with ObjectLesson, ObjectSpace, and TheMindElectric.

Now, Graham is the CEO and Founder of Cypher Learning, a company that provides learning platforms for organizations around the world.

Cypher Learning is used by 20,000 organizations around the world, and millions of users in over 40 languages.

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Sessions with Graham Glass

3rd Dec 2021

11:10 - 20:20 (CET)

550 mins

After Event

3rd Dec 2021

16:30 - 16:50 (CET)

20 mins


The Rise of Intelligent Learning Platforms

What are the most important aspects of intelligent learning platforms? And how does the future of E-Learning look?


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