Javier Zaratiegui Fernández

CTO @ Cocuus System

Javier graduated in architecture and specialized in Computational Design and Fabrication Technologies of TUDelft, Netherlands.

Immediately, he set to put his expertise to good use as he began his research career at BAMBHAUS COMPOSITES testing the use of bamboo wood as structural beams for construction.

He has worked all across Europe leading the digital fabrication section of the Arch Lab at the university of Navarre, where he has taught multiple course on Architecture and Design Degrees!

Sessions with Javier Zaratiegui Fernández

3rd Dec 2021

15:05 - 15:35 (CET)

30 mins


The Future is Food

Technology has been disrupting all industries in recent years and the food industry is no exception. This panel will uncover some of the things happening in foodtech and what the future holds for the space.


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