Jim Kalbach

Chief Evangelist @ MURAL

Jim Kalbach is a reputable speaker, author and instructor in design for customer experience and strategy. He is the Chief Evangelist at MURAL, a leading online whiteboard platform.

Jim is the author of three books: Designing Web Navigation, Mapping Experiences, and most recently The Jobs To Be Done Playbook.

On top of that, he is the Co-founder and Principal at the JTBD Toolkit, an online resource with learning, trainings, and content. Jim blogs at experiencing information.com and tweets under @jimkalbach.

Sessions with Jim Kalbach

3rd Dec 2021

15:00 - 15:20 (CET)

20 mins


The Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) Approach to Customer Needs

Learn about the JTBD framework to help you better satisfy your customer's needs as a startup.


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