Johnny Oduya

Co-Founder @ Hale

Johnny Oduya is a man of many talents. He made a pretty swift transition from being a professional athlete who spent 10 years in the NHL to the co-founder, CEO, and breath guide of Hale. In his hockey days, Johnny began to explore meditation, mindfulness, and breathing exercises.

In 2015, Oduya set out to find out more about breathwork. He saw the tremendous potential breathing exercises had to boost productivity and improve overall mental health. When he began to reap the benefits of breathwork himself, he co-founded Hale – the first Scandinavian breathwork center looking to take breathwork to the masses.

Now, Oduya organizes special breathwork retreats for athletes and more. He’s here to share the power of breathing exercises with the world. Johnny Oduya will talk about how breathing can be a powerful tool for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and anyone in a stressful startup environment who wants to max out their performance.

Sessions with Johnny Oduya

3rd Dec 2021

10:20 - 10:50

30 mins


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