Jurgis Did


Jurgis Did is a Columbian Lithuanian whose character and position can’t be grasped in one simple term. He’s not a manager, coach, or CEO. Some of the phrases that have been used to describe him are social alchemist, creative campaigner, and musician with a purpose.

Jurgis’ career as a musician blew up in 2010 when he was sent to represent Lithuania in the Eurovision Song Contest. He has a passion for music and performance, but he is just as concerned with social issues and politics. In university, Jurgis studied political science. Even though he is pursuing a career in a creative field, he is still very concerned with the current political situation.

The musician has said that his voice should be used for a good cause and that’s what he is doing. He believes that there is power in creativity and entertainment; it can change people’s mindsets and shift perspectives. Because of that, his music is about a lot more than just singing and dancing. He uses it to send a message.

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Sessions with Jurgis Did

3rd Dec 2021

19:30 - 19:55 (CET)

25 mins

After Event

A 2D Interactive Musical Happening

The talented Jurgis Did is back again at UPPSTART to serenade attendees with his unique interactive music performance this year in our new 2D virtual platform UPPSTART.World!


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