Kieran Flanagan

VP @ HubSpot

Kieran Flanagan, the VP of Marketing at Hubspot, has a proven track record of helping SaaS business, from startups to enterprise-level, grow their traffic, users, and revenue.

At Hubspot, he currently helps scale their international business, move its go-to-market towards freemium, and manage all global customer acquisition teams. His astounding results include doubling Hubspot’s blog traffic from 4 to 8 million in under 16 months and relaunching all their websites, with a $6 million gain in ARR.

He was also the Inbound and Search Marketing Manager at and Online Marketing Manager at Marketo; an Adobe acquired company specializing in marketing automation software.

Furthermore, he’s also an advisor for SaaS companies, the host of the popular marketing podcast GrowthTLDR and a passionate advocate for remote work.

Sessions with Kieran Flanagan

12:30 - 12:45

15 mins


Making Your Startup Marketing Data-Driven

Hubspot’s marketing guru shares the importance of data-driven marketing, with practical insight and examples.

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