Maria Horelli-Rosenlew

Founder @ The Scaling School

Maria Hotelli Rosenlew is a business coach and execution specialist.

Her career began at Microsoft as head of the Internet customer unit for the Nordic region. She began to shape her own philosophy on management when she scrapped strategy meetings and instead created a” business model canvas” for team priorities, starting from blank paper.

This lean startup philosophy came at a time before management books made it popular. It now forms the basis of what she teaches young startups at The Scaling School (

The Scaling School is based on an agile method & toolkit with 5 proven team execution modules, hands-on homework, and founder coaching. The toolkit has been validated over the last 6 years by 75+ founders/teams in The Scaling School programs/workshops.

Maria’s workshop boasts raving reviews from startup founders searching for the secrets to scaling. This workshop isn’t to be missed!

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Sessions with Maria Horelli-Rosenlew

3rd Dec 2021

11:10 - 20:20 (CET)

550 mins

After Event

3rd Dec 2021

13:40 - 14:10 (CET)

30 mins


Workshop: The Scaling School: A Co-Creation Workshop

A practical workshop on how to scale as a startup. Helpful for anyone looking to scale, or those currently scaling.


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