Mikael Dia

CEO @ Funnelytics

Mikael Dia, the Founder & CEO of Funnelytics, helps out marketers and businesses better understand their customer’s journey and provides insights on how to better optimize their marketing funnel for growth.

He is an optimization and growth expert who has helped over 25,000 marketers drive growth in their business by building a more optimized funnel.

He built the product after launching and scaling his own $7 figure startups but felt a paint point around being able to properly visualise marketing data to make key decisions on what was making money, or losing money!

Sessions with Mikael Dia

3rd Dec 2021

15:00 - 15:20 (CET)

20 mins


The Secret to Growth is Understanding Your Customer Journeys

Learn how mapping out your customer’s journey and understanding it can lead to tremendous growth from Funneyltics CEO Mikael Dia.


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