Nathan Bonnisseau

Co-Founder @ Plan A

Nathan Bonnisseau, a man who believes there is no Plan B for planet Earth and so, has made it his life’s mission to help companies become more sustainable. As the Co-founder and CMO of Plan A, Nathan aims to bring about a sustainable revolution by inspiring as many companies as he can to take positive action.

Over the past 4 years with Plan A, Nathan has impacted numerous businesses and helped them navigate the path of sustainability. As an alumnus of the University of Bath, Sorbonne, and IEDES, his work, and experience in the aspect of building a more sustainable planet is highly valued.

If there is one thing he likes more than the planet we lives on, it’s the cheese & wine that keeps him living on it – what more motivation does one need!?

Sessions with Nathan Bonnisseau

3rd Dec 2021

11:00 - 11:30 (CET)

30 mins


Increasing Profits by Investing In The Planet

A fireside discussion with Nathan and Sacha emphasizing how the promotion of eco-friendly practices in your company can positively impact your revenues, not just the planet.


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