Rickard Magnusson

Co-Founder @ Housecar

Rickard is the co-founder and CEO of HouseCar, which works to bring the freedom of caravans and motorhomes back to people.

Rickard is involved in strategy, product development, software development, UX, personnel, and marketing for the business.

Before this, he had a background in UX, where he worked as a designer for Inovoni, a team of technical consultants and engineers. He also spent time as the CEO of other tech brands, such as Webgarraget, and Snowbits.

Sessions with Rickard Magnusson

3rd Dec 2021

13:45 - 13:55 (CET)

10 mins


Uppsala Startup Showcase: Housecar

Listen to this short punchy showcase pitch by the Founder and CEO of Housecar, and how they are bringing the joy of motorhomes back to all travelers.


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