Roberto Bonanzinga

Co-Founder @ InReach Ventures

Robert is a co-founder and Investment partner at InReach Ventures, a venture capital firm that leverages AI to invest in fast-growing European start-ups.

Robert’s astonishing career dates back to the 1980s in his Marketing background. He won a scholarship to study Business Administration at the Universita Bocconi in 1988, and since then, he’s never looked back. An investor and board member of many reputable companies that we know and love today.

Brands such as Depop, Oberlo, Contentful and Canon EMEA, with ClustDoc and Kayzen more recently.

Sessions with Roberto Bonanzinga

3rd Dec 2021

11:00 - 11:30 (CET)

30 mins


What VCs REALLY Mean When They Say No! – And What To Do About It

Has a VC ever told you no? Be honest! In this fun fireside VCs will share some of the candid truths behind what that rejection really meant, and how you can handle it in the best way.


Tech startup in Sweden raising capital for a Health, Impact or AI company? Active tech investor? Then you need to get involved in this.