Sam Issa

CEO @ Nano Textile

Sam Issa is the CEO of Nano Textiles. He is an experienced Project Lead with a demonstrated history of working in the textiles industry.

Outside of NanoTechnology, he is skilled in Marketing, Trend Analysis, Sales, Retail, Textiles, and Sales Management. Strong He is an entrepreneur at heart, with a fashion degree focused on Economics and fashion.

His previous experience as a store manager, fashion designer, and founder & executive have lined him with the skills he uses to take Nano Textiles to help fulfill Nano Textile’s overarching mission.

Sessions with Sam Issa

3rd Dec 2021

14:45 - 14:55 (CET)

10 mins


Stockholm Business Alliance Showcase: Nano Textile

Hear a short punchy pitch from Nano Textile CEO on how they fulfill their mission of helping nano textile companies while still remaining sustainable.


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