Thomas Bisballe

Co-Founder @ Impactr

Thomas Bisballe is a music producer with 10+ million streams on Spotify – he’s also the CSO and Co-founder of IMPACTR, an impact-tech company empowering the youth to inspire millions. With an extensive background in research, policy development, finance, and entrepreneurship, he also has a 15+ year career in the sustainability space, focusing on the intersection of entrepreneurship and social impact.

He’s a second-generation impact entrepreneur and has done consulting on urban regeneration policy and been a member of many advisory boards.

Thomas’s keynote will take place on the impact stage.

Sessions with Thomas Bisballe

12:30 - 12:45

15 mins


How Millions Taking Small Actions Can Lead to a Big Impact

A personal story on how we can empower people to act towards saving our planet through small actions.

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