Region Uppsala

UPPSALA Region is home to a thriving technology startup ecosystem, over 360 tech companies across all verticals.

Uppsala Region (of which Uppsala City is a part of) is considering its population of about 360,000 inhabitants, dense in technology companies with over 360 identified in 2021 in the space across all verticals.

It’s largest city, Uppsala City is one of Swedens fastest growing cities, as the 4th biggest in the country despite a population of only around 200,000 it has been somewhat of a “unicorn founder” factory over the past decade. Entrepreneurs from multi billion dollar success cases in tech such as MySQL, Skype, Klarna, Avito, OnGame all grew up, studied or met in Uppsala. Quite possibly the city can claim it produces one of the highest per capita number of unicorn founders in the world.

Uppsala has historically been very well known globally for its thriving life science sectors, but in recent years as technology eats the world, these worlds have been merging and biotech, medtech, pharmatech, etc has been an increasing focus for the city and its industrial life science actors.

Other notable cities include Enköping which has a growing and dense cybersecurity cluster.

Uppsala Region has been a long standing partner to UPPSTART and its startups were given free access this year to our platform via our partnership.

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UPPSTART utilises a digital platform (HOTLIST) and a big digital event held on 1st March 2024 to help European startups raising capital do exactly that from the worlds tech investors.