Frequently Asked Questions

A few of the most commonly asked questions we get from you lovely people! If we didnt cover it…feel free to contact us any time.

Is UPPSTART online or physical?

We historically ran physical events but as the pandemic hit moved to online. We were one of the first conferences in Europe to go “all in” making a fun immersive experience online and it paid off as over 4000 people registered! Since we gather a lot of investors and speakers from all over the world we decided on 3rd December to run fully online again, all day and evening. We’ll be using two platforms this year and you’ll get information when you sign up (all you need is a computer, internet, and an up to date browser!)

UPPSTART happens fully online on 3rd December from 10:00 all day until late! Here is our agenda.

What virtual platform will UPPSTART be hosted on during the event?

UPPSTART will primarily run on Hopin via an enterprise customised plan. Hopin is an extensive virtual events platform that allows you to join without any software, simply a browser oni a computer (ideally) or a mobile phone. Heres the founder of Hopin Johnny Boufarhat at UPPSTART in 2020 telling his epic story. We have a great relationship with Hopin since their early days before they rapidly raised over 1 billion dollars (yes you read right!) from the leading investors in the world with a (currently) post 7 billion dollar valuation. We believed in them early because they simply had the best platform available for virtual conferences, and getting the “feel” and “fun factor” of UPPSTART replicated online was a key requirement. In 2021 we will be adding a new 2D virtual world platform called Gather Town (where we will run UPPSTART.World where many startups will be exhibiting). All the details of how to join in will be sent to you well ahead via email after getting a ticket.

Do I qualify for a Startup Pass?

Startup Passes are discount and given the opportunity to apply to additional events and activities including investor pitching sessions, and being chosen to exhibit at Its best to only apply for one of these if you are a building or plan to build a genuine startup, a team of well paid squirrels check these in our farm in Uppsala. (No, not really, but seriously, we do manually check them!). Everyone has a different view on what a “tech startup” actually is, so let us explain who we consider a fit for this pass.

You should answer yes to everything below here…

  • Are you the founder or a team member actively building a company within the technology ecosystem or plan to start one within the following 6 months.?
  • Is the company (or idea you are starting soon) innovative?

You should answer no to everything…

  • Do you run (or plan to run) a consulting business that sells services (for example software development or similar services).
  • Are you building a lifestyle business that you don’t intend to scale up?
  • Is the company a large scale multi national, or larger publicly traded company?

If above isn’t a match, we very much welcome you to UPPSTART but suggest you get an attendee or or other pass found on our tickets page.

Those who are not approved by our team for a paid Startup Pass are given the opportunity to either upgrade to an attendee or other pass for the difference, or to get a refund (we try to handle these requests as quickly as possible).

How do I get a Free ticket?

UPPSTART has historically been a free event for as long as this was possible. As one of the largest (probably the largest!) tech startup conference of its kind in Sweden our scaling costs and desire to keep making the event more impactful for startup people mean it’s not sustainable to give over 4000 tickets away free to everyone any more. We also extend free tickets to our partners which include certain cities across sweden. If you are in one of these cities (kommuns) found on our ticket page you will be granted a free ticket (you need to be living in that city to qualify). You also might be lucky enough to be given a freebie through one of our partners (which you’ll find on our homepage) they normally get a fair sized free ticket allocation to give out so if you ask nicely you might get lucky! That said, paying for a ticket though is a great way to support all the work that goes into the event and keep us creating the opportunities for you year after year.

Do I need any special technology or software to join the virtual event?

No, simply a computer with an internet connection and internet browser. No special software is needed and you will be send a link to join closer to the event if you have a ticket. You can even join with a mobile phone (however the best experience is on a desktop and you’ll get more from the event this way). If you want to get an even better experience, consider setting up a good background with some decent natural lighting in front of you, and testing your mic ahead as many of the activities are interactive (this is optional of course).

What is UPPSTART.World and how do I exhibit?

UPPSTART.World is a new event platform we are setting up this year hosted on a platform called Gather Town. We will be allowing attendees to explore a 2D virtual space (think a computer game where you can walk around with a little person!) and when you get close to people you can automatically hear their audio (think a bit like a real life conference!). You can choose to talk also and take part with your mic, or explore other areas, join 1:1 video calls etc. We’ll be running various events for UPPSTART.World all day (you can find more in the Agenda under the UPPSTART.World track) and anyone who purchases a Startup Ticket will automatically apply to if they select this during the ticket registration, and typically you will hear back quite soon if you have secured a place.


How do I meet investors at UPPSTART?

Every event we bring hundreds of active technology startup investors along, some of the biggest names in the VC industry and smaller angel investors also. We run many sessions on the theme of raising money (our Early Stage or ScaleUp stage are good places to check) but we also run dedicated pitching competitions our main one being PitchUP a yearly pitching event designed to help startups meet investors (both growth and early stage). These are by application and to pre-qualify you simply pick up a Startup Pass and we’ll be in touch if you are selected. We will run more open matchmaking also pairing up startups and investors which anyone with a Startup Pass will be invited to take part in.

Can I pay for colleagues to attend?

At the moment we ask during the sign up form if you wish to invite colleagues, and they will need to sign up independently. Any people you tell us about when you get your ticket will be emailed about this. If you wish to purchase more than 5 tickets contact us with all the names and emails of who would like to buy for with which ticket types and we’ll help out.

Can I sponsor/partner UPPSTART?

We offer more in depth partnerships to companies if we feel it is a good fit for both sides but mostly adds value to the startup community. You can read more about this on our Sponsors and Exhibitors page here.

Can I become a speaker?

We have a pretty strict speaker policy we canät make any promises, but get in touch telling us a bit more and we’ll take a look.

What is the meaning of life?

42 of course, silly.


UPPSTART is being held both online and physically (across Sweden) on 4th November 2022. This year will be invite only. If you are running or plan to run a startup, or are an active tech investors then please apply!