Johanna Staaf is a highly flexible, self-sufficient leader with 10+ years experience in digital business development, sales and marketing in Media and Telecoms. Experience from highly entrepreneurial companies as well as international corporates in Europe and Asia. She was previously with Telenor as a Partner & Innovation Manager.

Johanna is active and visible in the Scandinavian and Asian tech startup community. Guest speaker on corporate innovation and digital services. Johanna Staaf is currently a Director at Ahlsell labs. She will be talking at UPPSTART ONLINE 2020 about how large industrial companies can think like a startup.

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Sessions with Johanna Staaf

10:20 - 10:35

15 mins


How Can Big Industry Think and Act Like a Startup

How to structure larger organisations to think and act like a startup does. Not an easy challenge, but something Johanna Staaf has vast experience with.


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